Decorating a house with originality is not easy. But no worries, it will be fine if you have the right guidance, experts are here. From painting to sculpture, from antiques to contemporary art, from one style to another: nothing can stop you from using the beauty of art and design furniture to decorate your home in a unique way.


Do not panic, because with consultants at your side, you cannot go wrong. The first advice is therefore to identify the rooms you want to embellish with one or more art pieces and let your personal taste run free. The art gallery Zanini Arte has more than a Century of experience and it has different styles and art trends (from antique to neo-pop, from painting to sculptures passing through furniture…) to suit all tastes. It will be impossible not to find what you dream of.


Most important thing: what to choose should always reflect your personal style, but paying attention to the space surrounding the artwork, it should be valorised from the context and not in conflit with it. Losts of factors are important and nothing is left to chance. The harmony of the final décor is the main aimThe colour can be balanced tone on tone or brightened by its complementary. Sizes, shapes and materials are vital too, either in balance or in contrast. There are no precise rules, except to combine personal aesthetic taste with the suggestions of those who can advise you in making the best choice. Zanini Arte is not only an art gallery, but also an important art advisor for those who want to give their home this extra touch.


It is well known that behind the physical characteristics of the masterpiece you would like to fill in your space, often the great doubt that arises is which is the best styile to choose: vintage or modern, classic or contemporary, antiques or pop art? The solution adopted nowadays by illustrious architects and designers is to make these two souls coexist, as well as the art gallery Zanini Arte does blending antiques with the contemporary. The philosophy is to encourage the mixology, as a barman does for hos cocktail creation. You could match a contemporary art painting together with an antique piece of furniture; or a classical work in a modern space; or even a coloured neo-pop sculpture surrounded by a monochrome space. As well as for colour and period of the art piece, it can be done also through shapes, sizes and lights. For example, a brightly coloured neo pop painting with ironic and irreverent subjects can be hung above an austere antiques piece of furniture, or a contemporary light sculpture next to an antique painting.

Angelo Accardi (2017) juxtaposed with a 17th-century sideboard

Luca Giordano (17th-century) e Daniele Fortuna (2020)

Andrea Chisesi (2019) above a Louis XIV’s chest of drawers

Sometimes contrasts and rupture help to valorise both the environment and the artwork. What could be better than being able to astonish your friends by welcoming them into a unique home with a touch of filled by art masterpieces? Visit and discover the art collections that might be the best for you. Zanini’s family will guide you in your home décor path to find the right investment for you and to surprire your guests.

Zanini Arte