About us


For over 100 years a reference point in the art scene, from antiques to NFTs. Internationally avant-garde gallery. Since the dawn of the crypto art movement, it has aimed to create a convergence between the two worlds of art: physical and digital.

Art Advisors specialized in contemporary neo pop art and crypto art who not only provide professional advice but also educate their audience in order to gain in-depth knowledge of leading artists’ works on the world scene and new technologies.


The choice to deal only with masterpieces of excellence, strictly unique pieces and not limited editions, is the result of years of research, passion that is shared with its collectors.

The mission is to satisfy collectors by recommending them the works that most fascinate and excite them. An innovative and top-quality artistic proposal, full of big established names and young emerging talents.

“We are not art dealers. We are art lovers who turn our passion into a profession. Not just gallery owners but consultants and curators. We believe that it is essential to love and know art thoroughly in order to be able to select it and be able to disseminate it.” Zanini Family


Art is a passion that is passed down from generation to generation. The strength of our gallery is based on the value of family. The ZANINI ARTE gallery has been a point of reference in the panorama of ancient and contemporary art for years, and now also crypto. Offering a consultancy service, furnishing advice, appraisals and expertise on the certification of works, as well as artist management and curation of exhibitions.

Zanini Arte