The numerous rooms of the gallery show their collectors how to recreate complete environments. ZANINI ARTE combines great ancient works with ultra-contemporary proposals with taste and refinement

Crypto Art

The most innovative of the artistic movements. An art form that makes the technology of its time its new expressive medium. ZANINI ARTE is among the very few galleries in the world that have proposed NFTs in art fairs, since the beginning of 2020. Among the very first consultants in Italy who propose a key to understanding this new current, guiding their collectors to discover the pioneers of Crypto world (the OGs), up to emerging young people.

Contemporary art

An opening onto the reality of today, a dialogue with a constantly evolving society. ZANINI ARTE believes in the dissemination and promotion of artists of international scope, with a main focus on the currents of neo pop, ultra pop and street art.

Ancient Art

Where it all began. The passion for the history of art which step by step transformed from a family collection into a profession by searching for unique masterpieces from 1500 to the beginning of the 20th century.


The permanent collection is interspersed with numerous temporary exhibitions curated by the Zanini gallery.

For those who wish to stay among the masterpieces of art, the Zanini family has created a charming B&B A casa dell’Antiquario. An Art Nouveau villa, entirely furnished with ancient and contemporary works from the Zanini Arte gallery.

Zanini Arte