Crypto art includes all forms of art that involve the digitisation of a physical work or the creation of a digital work. Thanks to blockchain systems, these animated frames become NFT (not-fungible tokens): masterpieces are linked to their own specific set of digital information that certify the authenticity of the work itself and guarantee the right of ownership to those who purchase it.

This is a new history of art: crypto art is disrupting the classic canons of art fruition and art market. The visualisation of the piece of art is shifting to new digital channels and it is no longer face-to-face. A digital work, drop, can be viewed by anyone at any time: although there is an actual owner, there are no space-time limits. The logic of ownership of these masterpieces has not changed, but there is no physical masterpiece or physical guarantees. This digital conversion gives absolute certainty of the uniqueness and originality of the work. All sales take place on digital platforms and most of them require the use of virtual coins.


Mrs. Skull



Game Over

Giovanni Motta


More and more artists are turning to crypto art due to a huge increase in popularity over the first quarter of 2021. The challenge is to recognise the crypto artists with strong values and skills among the many money careerists who are just trying to take advantage of the speculative bubble. Among the true founders of this international movement, the only Italians are the Hackatao duo. Sergio and Nadia are a couple who works four-hands on physical paintings and sculptures, and creates animations that can be enjoyed in augmented reality thanks to the artivive app. They began their artistic journey into crypt art dedicating themselves to the creation of this new movement more than three years ago. Hackatao’s digital work, which belongs to the collection of Zanini Arte art gallery, was created by the animation of one of their physical works, Art Never Dies. The original matrix on canvas thanks to augmented reality is linked to its corresponding animated gif.

Zanini Arte truly believes in recognising and promoting prominent artists, and constantly makes careful selections from the huge panorama of artists, both in physical and digital art. Another artist sponsored by the Zanini Arte art gallery, who has approached crypto art and has been inspired by Hackatao’s works, is Giovanni Motta.

Zanini Arte