Cris Devil’s irreverence

HANGAR BRESCIA – May, 27th 2023, 6:30 PM CET 

curated by Zanini Arte 


Shipwreck is sweet to me in this… sky. 


The imagination of Cris Devil flies, immersing himself in dreamlike, surreal and distorted landscapes. Artistic and musical quotes rest on the compositions sealing a surreal soul. The disproportions are accentuated, plunging the viewer into the visionary reality of the artist. Walls are no longer standard containers of furnishing elements but themselves become the canvas to be filled with textures and colors. Above and below, right and left, change places. Nothing is as it appears. The illusion is created and everything can happen. 

The internal spaces of Cris Devil’s rooms give us new timeless realities that, however alienating, they are firmly anchored to contemporaneity. In art, beauty is essential, but the aesthetic is not enough, the message is inescapable. Cris Devil uses his art to express what he feels, what he believes, what he lives. The artist’s thrill comes out as a cry to focus attention on current topics with a strong impact such as water scarcity and pollution.

The rock soul of Cris Devil beats on the aluminum plates he works on, we can feel it vibrate, as if the artist wanted to imprison in each of his visual compositions a sound spirit that represents himself. Thanks to the exploration of the crypto world, this liberation process is released in digital artworks, to which the artist adds animation and music. 

Cris Devil can be defined as a “Phygital” artist (Physical + Digital), creating physical paintings as well as NFTs. In the digital version the compositions come to life, involving the viewer to jump even faster into the artist’s neo pop / surrealist universe. The animation allows to transmit a further message that completes the static nature of traditional art. The two worlds, physical and digital, in art, as in everyday life, are now increasingly intertwined.

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