Andrea Crespi at Art Basel Miami 2023

We are thrilled to announce that artist Andrea Crespi will be exhibiting at this year’s edition of Art Basel in Miami.

Miami is an irreverent and catalyzing stage for contemporary art. Emerging artists push to be present, and for the second consecutive year, Andrea Crespi takes the scene by storm!

Art Basel

After navigating the waters of South Beach with strong messages on identity in 2022, he returns in 2023 with an exhibition paying homage to one of the sacred monsters of contemporary art history, Keith Haring.

Last year, during Art Basel Miami 2022, Andrea created a mural in the famous design district, Wynwood, honoring one of the most famous icons of American pop art, Keith Haring. The representation on the facade of a building showed Haring’s face and a famous anti-drug trafficking message: “Crack is Wack”. Just two days after its creation, someone overnight, probably bothered by the message it was conveying, decided to completely erase this work.

Now, a year later, Crespi has decided to return to Art Basel Miami to recreate this piece. The unique feature is that no one can ever erase it thanks to the blockchain. It reflects on how the physicality of the real wall can be destroyed, while the immaterial side of digital art can endure forever. In the end, the spontaneous question arises: what is real?

crack is wack

The exhibition will take place digitally on the historic MakersPlace platform from December 4 to 11 and concurrently physically in South Beach Miami from December 5 to 10. For the exhibition, the MakersPlace team, in collaboration with the original Transient Labs, has selected a dozen artists, including Andrea Crespi, who will present an indissoluble combination of physical and digital, ensuring the history of the physical work through blockchain certification with an innovative chip.

Andrea will create the artwork on canvas directly live during the main event of the festival. For the NFT, he will use a 3D animation.


Andrea Crespi is an artist who continues to explore new horizons in artistic creation, pushing the boundaries between traditional and digital art. Leveraging the revolutionary possibilities offered by blockchain technology, he arrives at a dual composition: Phygital. The medium changes, but not the message, nor the creativity underlying the realization.

We are happy to accompany him on this journey!

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