Chrysalis vase I

Chrysalis vase I

Glass vase made with recycling materials h. cm 40, h. base cm. 145


Romano Boccadoro, was born in 1958 in Italy. He recycles objects of any type and shapes; he works them, paints them and transform the essence and the meaning of those objects. Romano Boccadoro lives in the small village of San Benedetto Po (Mantova), a very quiet place where he makes noise though is handmade work. He is a great painter but he doesn’t see the traditional painting as his language. He prefers starting from books, as treasure of meanings, and base for his art objects that at the end of his work are totally unreadable and transformed. There is a long job behind the final result and always a poetical feeling in this mix and match. Some of his works are conceived for a slow self-destruction “As life“, he uses to say.

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