Trails VII

Trails VII

Mixed media on wood, cm. 50 x 50


Giovanni Lombardini was born in 1950 in Mulazzano di Coriano (Rimini, Italy). He studied at the Accademia delle Belle Arti of Urbino. In 1972, his work “Scarpe con erba” becomes the illustration for the “I Manifesto”, published by the Accademia in Urbino. From the ‘80s his study moves on the most technological materials, such as shiny surfaces but not absorbent and manual tracings of objects and people made on painted foil (1980-1986), castings of copper and bronze coatings on blank radiographic films (1987) and cast iron with soap (1989). The latest creations made by Lombardini, focus on the light, the color and the visual effect, were born from the discovery and the experimental use of unusual materials: paint stains and clear glossy acrylic on wood or on paper.  I was selected for several exhibitions in Italy and abroad: London, Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania, Milan, Rimini, Urbino, Mantova, Bologna. In 2018 Art Gallery Zanini Arte dedicated to Giovanni Lombardinia personal show “La pelle del colore” and presented the artist in an exhibition at the Versilia Golf Club in Forte deiMarmi.

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