Take off

Take off

Mixed media painting, cm. 85×85


Andrea Giovannini, was born in 1962 in Italy. After art studies in Reggio Emilia and Urbino,the artist gained his expressivity research positioning himself among exponents of the last generation of Italian Neovedutismo, representing the landscape through careful observation of the light, intended as a state of mind. The artist has participated at art exhibitions in Italy and abroad since 1981.The landscape theme in Andrea Giovannini becomes a knowledge tool, highly expressive of a poetic vision of places, where the suggestion becomes aware of living humanly between contemporary events and daily life, in harmony with the natural and historical environment, where the urban component emerges in its specificity. Trips through Europe and inland areas of the United States were decisive for his expressive research, dedicated to space as descriptive category. After experiments with different materials and techniques associated with the need of transfiguring – between realism and sublimation – the images of what  he lived and deeply loved, in his pictorial research the artist currently uses a mixed technique of painting on wooden table by tempera and acrylic, with pastel finishing. Andrea Giovanniniexhibit at Art Gallery Zanini Artein 2015 with a personal show “nella luce”.

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