Mixed technique on micro-perfored panel, cm. 130 x 110


Bernardo Peruta questions the boundary between reality and virtuality, following developments in the field of artificial intelligence. His artistic philosophy involves using a unique combination of modern materials and traditional painting techniques, making his art both innovative and classic. His works challenge our perception of reality in an era where the distinction between real and virtual is blurred. His works stand out for the use of colored overlays in mixed media on micro-perforated metal panels. Color contrasts play an important role in Peruta’s artistic concept and create a dynamic effect that allows the viewer to approach the work from different perspectives, a concept that Peruta also embraces on a metaphorical level, reality cannot be outlined in a simple frame , but it changes depending on the point of view from which it is approached. Among the most significant works are those that explore the concept of reality and space in eternal movement. He represents, through human figures of indefinite identity and gender, the universal symbol of humanity, which constantly evolves and is conditioned by time, reality, feelings and society. Bernardo Peruta was born in 1973 in Bergamo. From a young age he showed a natural enthusiasm for art, which led him to study at the Castellini School of Plastic Arts in Como and subsequently to obtain his artistic maturity at the Andrea Fantoni School of Art in Bergamo. During this journey he had the opportunity to specialize in figurative painting under the guidance of a well-known portrait painter from Bergamo. In 2004 he moved to Nice, France, where he held his first solo exhibition, and remained there until 2006. Having returned to Italy, he continued to participate in various contemporary exhibitions, both individual and collective, including the most important in Italy, Milan, Parma, Verona and abroad in France, Germany, Belgium and New York.  

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