Palace in the sky

Palace in the sky

Mixed media on aluminium, cm. 120×170


Cris Devil, is a visionary creator whose works are a testament to his diverse passions. Born from a deep connection to music. The art of guitar (a craft he pursues himself), sculpture, illusionism, and the enchanting realm of magic. His artistic expressions form a captivating blend of reality and surrealism. In Cris Devil’s creations, viewers find themselves immersed in a world of dreamlike wonder and irony. His sets, marked by a fusion of reality and surrealism, deliver a powerful visual impact. Evoking a sense of being transported into a dimension where anything is possible. Where the boundaries between past, present, and future blur, leaving behind an enigmatic aura. The artist’s unique perspective employs various visual techniques, featuring imbalances created through disproportions, intense colors, and unexpected subjects. In this topsy-turvy world, everything exists in a state of delightful contradiction. Cris Devil’s intention is clear – to whisk the observer away into his realm, a space brimming with irony, fantasy, and irreverence, offering a welcome escape from the often mundane realities of everyday life. His artistic arsenal is vast, encompassing 3D graphics, photography, collage, acrylic colors, spray cans, and resin, all meticulously applied to metal supports. This eclectic use of mediums contributes to the richness and depth of his creations, further enhancing the immersive experience for the audience. Beyond the visual feast, Cris Devil’s art is a celebration of storytelling through images, a narrative that invites viewers to explore and question the boundaries of their imagination. By masterfully blending various artistic languages, he crafts a symphony of creativity that resonates with those who appreciate the limitless possibilities that art can offer. In the hands of Cris Devil, art becomes a journey into a realm where the unexpected reigns supreme, and each piece is a portal to a world of whimsy, surprise, and boundless inspiration.

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