NIKE of Samothrace 7

NIKE of Samothrace 7

Polychrome and resin with alabaster powder, h. 30 cm.


Francesco De Molfetta was born in Milan in 1979. He stands as a noteworthy Italian Postwar & Contemporary artist, contributing significantly to the art scene with his distinctive works. His artistic journey has been marked by multiple auction appearances, reflecting the recognition and value attributed to his creations. In the artist press archive of MutualArt, Francesco de Molfetta is notably featured in “Devil may wear Prada, but Virgin Mary dons Louis Vuitton,” a piece from the AFP in 2010. This inclusion underscores the artist’s ability to navigate and intertwine contemporary themes with a keen sense of style and cultural commentary. His work has not only been acknowledged in press archives but has also graced numerous exhibitions both in Italy and abroad since 1999. One of the significant highlights in Francesco de Molfetta’s career occurred in 2013. He received an invitation to participate in a showcase on New Pop and Surrealism at the prestigious MOCA Museum in Los Angeles, California. This recognition on an international stage further solidified his position in the contemporary art scene. Beyond traditional art spaces, Francesco de Molfetta has extended his creativity into collaborations with renowned international brands. His partnerships with entities such as Nike, Henry Cotton’s, Fender guitars, and Lamborghini exemplify his ability to bridge the worlds of art and commerce, bringing his unique vision to diverse audiences. In addition to his visual artistry, Francesco de Molfetta has ventured into the realm of filmmaking, demonstrating his multifaceted talent. He has written and directed four short films, with one of them earning the prestigious Ambroginod’Oro award at the Milan City Festival. With a blend of cultural commentary, style, and a penchant for collaboration, Francesco de Molfetta continues to leave an indelible mark on the contemporary art scene, showcasing the versatility and innovation that define his artistic identity.

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