My heart is blading bla bla bla

My heart is blading bla bla bla

Mixed media on canvas, cm. 100 x 100


Andrea Belleli, ABVA, was born in Sassuolo, Modena, Italy. ABVA has studied in Honduras, then in Argentina, in Buenos Aires, where he attended the bachelor’s degree in Business and Economics. He currently lives in Italy between his hometown and Milan. His passion and interest in art began from a very young age. With his works he tries to give an artistic change to daily use objects and not only. Originally inspired by Street Art and cultures met in South America during his experiences, he began to carry his emotions on canvas. He believes that Art and Culture can enrich and give new meanings, new feelings and new emotions to everyday life. His works are mainly abstract, with strong and decisive colors. The shapes disintegrate to create other new shapes. Everyone can interpretable his works in a different way. Through his art he expresses concepts of daily life, such as the comparison between good and evil and the importance of culture. In 2019 exhibit a personal show “Not everything you see is real” at Art Gallery Zanini Arte, realizing a live performance during the opening.

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