Misplaced VI

Misplaced VI

Mixed media on canvas, cm. 140 x 200


Angelo Accardi comes from a small town near Naples, in the South of Italy. Angelo Accardi studied fine arts at the Art Academy of Naples. In the course of his artistic development, Accardi has been on a constant search for new sensations. Using mixed media to depict figures against differing social backgrounds. In the early stages of his artistic evolution, Accardi’s focus gravitated towards the representation of the human body, woven with elements of pictorial and symbolic art. This thematic underpinning remained a constant thread in all of his collections. Where he skillfully illustrates surreal visions of everyday life against the realistic backdrops of urban landscapes. Over the last three decades, Angelo Accardi’s artistic trajectory has taken a compelling turn, leading him to contemplate social representations in collections such as Misplaced, Human Collection, and Blend. These collections serve as windows into the contradictions inherent in daily existence, employing commonplace objects and settings to create scenes that resonate with the viewer. Through a nuanced blend of humor, symbolism, and homage to artistic predecessors, Accardi captures the essence of culture, history, and even offers glimpses into the future. Accardi’s global footprint in the art world is evident through exhibitions both personal and collective, spanning continents. His artistic prowess earned him an invitation to exhibit at the Italian Pavilion during the 54th Venice Biennial, showcasing his Misplaced works. In 2017, the Art Gallery Zanini Arte dedicated a solo exhibition to Angelo Accardi titled “Misplaced…Blend,” curated by Prof. Giuseppe Marrone. This exhibition provided a platform for art enthusiasts to delve into the depths of Accardi’s unique artistic language. Offering a closer look at his thematic explorations and the intricate nuances that define his creations. Through a thoughtful blend of mediums, Angelo Accardi continues to push artistic boundaries, creating visual narratives that transcend the ordinary. His ability to infuse scenes with relatable elements, coupled with his keen sense of humor and profound symbolism marks him as an artist whose work resonates globally. Inviting viewers to contemplate the rich tapestry of culture, history, and the ever-evolving facets of human existence.

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