Hard air 010 Atlanta

Hard air 010 Atlanta

Mixed media on polycarbonate and canvas, cm. 100 x 70


Pietro Dente was born in 1977 in Padova, where he later attended Arts High School. He graduated at D.A.M.S. in Bologna in 2003 and widened his artistic interests with various courses in graphics, design and photography. Dente begins his expo career since 1996 with personal and collective exhibitions in Italy and abroad: in Venice, Milan, Rome, Turin, Mantua, Padua, Luxembourg, London, Louanna, Germany, Brisbane, Australia, Finland, Belfast. He won several prizes and awards:
  • Finalist at Premio Nocivelli, Chiesa della Disciplina, curated by Techne cultural association, Verolanuova (BS), 2019.
  • Winner of I° prize at Contemporary Art competition PlastiCreando, curated by DialogaCrea, stand Poliblend S.P.A., Plast Fair 2018, Milano – Rho.
  • Work mentioned at competition Arte in arti e mestieri, curated by Mauro Carrera, Fondazione Scuola di Arti e Mestieri “F. Bertazzoni”, Suzzara (MN), 2018.
  • Finalist at competition Premio Mestre di pittura, curated by Circolo Veneto and MUVE, Centro culturale Candiani, Mestre (VE), 2018.
  • Winner of III° prize at 6° competition young talent for Ferrara dedicated to Michelangelo Antonioni, curated by Francesca Mariotti and Elisabetta Antonioni, City Hall, Ferrara, 2017.
  • Winner of competition OfficinARS, curated by Gianantonio Cristalli, Mauro Carrera, Mauro Davoli, association Villa Sistemi Reggiana, Reggio Emilia, 2017.
  • Jury award for the originality at 3° competition young talent for Ferrara dedicated to Michelangelo Antonioni, curated by Francesca Mariotti and Elisabetta Antonioni, Spazio d’arte l’Altrove, Ferrara, 2014.
  • Finalist at 2nd young talent contest of Ferrara dedicated to Michelangelo Antonioni, by Francesca Mariotti and Elisabetta Antonioni, at Spazio d’arte l’Altrove,
  • Finalist at 18th Contemporary art national contest SaturARTE 2013by Mario Napoli, at Satura art gallery, Genova.
  • Finalist at Florence-Shanghai Prize 2012-2013 contest (with “Tough air for the pretence of an urban view nr. 70 -New York) ”
  • Winner of 5th Contemporary Art Talent Show Prize (with “Tough air for the pretence of an urban view nr. 50 – Ground Zero”) at ArtePadova 2012
  • Third place at SilentARTmovies Contest, at 6th “Festival Strade del Cinema”, Aosta, 2007
  Pietro Dente exhibit a personal show at Art Gallery Zanini Arte in 2013 “Policromie urbane in 3D” curated by Marino Massarotti.

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