Enigma I

Enigma I

Alabaster, cm. 67 x 38 x 21


Elvino Motti was born in Dosso del Liro (CO, Italy) in 1952. He attended the Istituto d’Arte di Cantù and then Accademia delle Belle Arti di Brera in Milan, graduating in 1975. Enrolled in the courses of sculpture of Messina, Basaldella, Marquis, deepens and perfects the sculptural techniques. Between 1980 and 2010 at IAL Lombardia he attended post-diploma professional training as a teacher, coordinator and tutor of restoration classes for gilded polychrome wooden works. First teacher of Figure and Ornate modeled at the Liceo Artistico di Brera in Milan, he then became a teacher of modeled figure at the Liceo Artistico di Cantù (Co). He lives and works in Gravedona and Uniti (CO). Since 1975 he received his first official awards in the occasion of the “Artisti Oggi” International Award for Contemporary Art, Milan. Always growing, it attracts the attention of public and critics for his innovative, sober and elegant style. He exhibited to the public in various Italian locations: Rome, Milan, Mantua, Venice, Florence, Como and abroad: Providence (USA), Dubai, London and Dubrovnik. Present at the most important art fairs: Milan, Forte dei Marmi, Arezzo, Padua, Reggio Emilia, Cesena and Bergamo. He created several “Landscape” installations, enhancing prestigious outdoor spaces with his works. In the magical setting of Lago di Como, since over twenty years he has been working on a personal project of “sculpture of the territory” that blends art with nature… the ultimate pearl born: “The tree of life” dedicated to his father and Andrea Cascella. Art Gallery Zanini Arte dedicated a personal show to Elvino Motti “L’Anima della Materia” in 2013.

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