Because mind is unknow

Because mind is unknow

Acrylic on canvas, cm. 130X90


Andrea Crespi lives and works between Lugano and Milan. He graduated in Industrial Product Design from IED in Milan and began his career in the visual arts communication field as an Art Director. Andrea Crespi is an artist who loves to experiment, engaging in a constant exploration of different media, ranging from more physical and traditional ones like acrylics and oil to digital ones that have propelled him to international recognition in the crypto art scene with NFT works. He has been selected by the renowned curatorial platform SuperRare. In 2023, the artist’s first monograph was published in a dual version, digital (as an NFT) and print, by The NFT Magazine and curated by Sandie Zanini. Involved in numerous collaborations with well-known fashion brands, he seizes every opportunity to support important social causes, particularly those benefiting children and women. He collaborated with the Dynamo Camp foundation, participating in an exhibition at the Triennale in Milan in 2023, and with Bella Esperanza Charity with the goal of building a school in Tanzania. “His recognizable style is a new pop key to optical art. In Andrea Crespi’s art, infinite lines chase each other without ever connecting, touching and distancing like a sensual dance that plays with the viewer, sinuous and mocking through optical illusion. The aesthetics of the work attract the gaze and simultaneously destabilize it, leaving the doubt of having understood its entire essence. It urges the observer to pay attention, the only way to decipher the image. A reflection and a call towards a contemporary vision that has become excessively hasty. Andrea Crespi aims to surpass limits, venture into new fields of artistic innovation, and draw attention to uncomfortable social issues through experimentation.” Sandie Zanini  

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