Athena colormination

Athena colormination

Acrylics on wood, cm. 35 x 27 x 30


Daniele Fortuna was born in 1981 in Milano, Italy. He spend most of his early teenage years visiting Milan art galleries. This young artist studied at the European Institute of Design and Fashion in Milan. After graduation, he decided to move to the south east of Ireland near Dublin, working in a lighting studio. He found himself in the wood processing. Moved back to Italy, after the Ireland period, he started developing his attitude, combining art and design. The art of Daniele Fortuna is the way to manifest the most intimate feelings without hesitation and hypocrisy. During a hot summer afternoon, he was looking at his parents’ paintings collection more carefully for the first time, and he discovered to belong to them. He was interested in the material they were made of and their proportions. Started to imagine the story behind those paintings and what brought the artist to create them. He felt a magical attraction like he was falling in love with those objects, their shapes, their colors. The artist began to be fascinated by the timelessness of  De Chirico, the red inflamed of Sassu and the gestures of Fontana. His “colormination” work is a color contamination of the old tradition and the contemporary images of the world we are living, in a new pop art way that is the expression of what we love. Daniele Fortuna participated in many exhibitions all over the world : Changzhou, Zagreb, New York, Shangai, Paris, Positano, Milano, Miami, Montecarlo, Lisbona, Pechino, Praga…

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