Mixed media on canvas, cm. 140×80


Viktoria Veisbrut, born in 1991 in the town of Sosenskiy, Kaluga region, is a multifaceted artist whose creative journey has traversed various forms of visual expression. In 2015, she graduated from Tula State University with a degree in graphic design, laying the foundation for her artistic exploration. Initially, Veisbrut found herself immersed in the world of artistic tattooing, showcasing her mastery in this intricate craft. However, as the tides of creativity ebbed and flowed, her artistic trajectory shifted towards monumental and easel painting. Embracing change and innovation, she has ventured into new artistic realms, experimenting with sculpture and digital art. At the heart of Viktoria Veisbrut ‘s artistic philosophy is a profound influence from the omnipresence of the Internet. Her work reflects the contemporary reality of our interconnected world, where the Internet serves as a nexus of parallel universes coexisting in a singular space. As technology rapidly advances, this phenomenon transcends its status as an independent system, seamlessly integrating into the fabric of daily life. Veisbrut acknowledges the transformative impact of this digital age on people’s thinking, catalyzing irreversible changes, transforming conflicts, and even birthing new ones. Her art serves as a visual commentary on this intricate, ever-evolving landscape, capturing the complexities of the modern world that she both draws inspiration from and actively lives in. Currently residing and working in Moscow, Veisbrut has showcased her art through numerous solo exhibitions across Russia, with a particular focus on Moscow and Kaluga. Additionally, she has made her mark on the global art scene, participating in group exhibitions not only within Russia but also in France and China. Italy has become the latest canvas for Veisbrut’s artistic endeavors, marking her debut in the country through an exhibition facilitated by the esteemed art gallery Zanini Arte. This venture into Italy speaks to the international recognition of her unique artistic voice and the universal resonance of her thematic explorations. Viktoria Veisbrut’s artistic odyssey encapsulates a dynamic fusion of traditional and contemporary mediums, reflecting the profound impact of the digital age on human existence. Through her exhibitions and participation in global art platforms, she continues to contribute to the ongoing dialogue about the intersection of art, technology, and the complex tapestry of our interconnected world.

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