Adele homage to Klimt

Adele homage to Klimt

Mixed media on canvas, cm. 110 x 110


Alfonso Borghi, was born in Campegine, Reggio Emilia in 1944. He exhibited for the first time at the age of 18 thanks to the help of a collector, with whom he went to Paris, where he stayed briefly, studying in particular Picasso and Cubism. Back home he met George Pielmann, a pupil of Kokoschka, and discovered the possibilities of substance and gestures through expressionism. Self-taught, with great sensitivity and technical rigor, Borghi, in forty years of uninterrupted activity, has arrived to a pictorial synthesis of unquestionable charm. Moving from the figurative Morandian of the early years, to a lacerating surrealism of the Eighties, then to a futurist-style abstraction of the following decade, Borghi has today reached a synthesis in which a sumptuous and skilful use of material is associated with a sense of color of extreme and supreme sensitivity. After the exhibitions in the most prestigious Italian galleries, Borghi has gained the attention of experts throughout Europe (Marseille, Berlin, Barcelona, Madrid, Lugano, Antwerp and Paris) and in the United States (New York and Los Angeles). In Italy Borghi has participated in numerous institutional exhibitions including Rome Chiostro del Bramante, Genoa Museo della Commenda, Florence Palazzo Medici Riccardi, Perugia Rocca Paolina, Sant’Agata bolognese Lamborghini Museum.   The Art Gallery Zanini Arte dedicates the first exhibition to the artist Alfonso Borghi at its spaces in 2015 with a solo show entitled “Materia Ritmo Musica”. In 2017, Art Gallery Zanini Arte organized an exhibition of Borghi at the Polironiana Monastic Library entitled “On the wings of the spirit”, the ancient dialogues with the contemporary; by Prof. Giammarco Puntelli and Prof. Paolo Bertelli. The same year, he exhibited again at the spaces of the Art Gallery Zanini Arte with a double solo show, together with the sculptor Mario Pavesi. Exhibition entitled “Matter-S-Culture” by Prof. Gianfranco Ferlisi.

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