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Giovanni Motta was born in Verona in 1971. All his work revolves around the prodigious nature of human existence. The portentous, and at times terrifying, quality of life itself. That particular energy that in adulthood seems to become opaque and drastically weakened, but which, on the other hand, is vivid and pulsating during the periods of childhood and adolescence. Through painting, drawing and sculpture, the artist intends to evoke those primal and supernatural forces. They produce every true vital experience and restore a magical value to existence.

The main subject of the artistic research of Giovanni Motta is Jonny Boy. It is the material representation of a 12-years-old boy that allows through its representation to explore the theme of the inner child who is locked up in every human being. Jonny Boy lives different experiences more or less complicated and he is always hanging in the balance between reality and imagination. Jonny Boy moves with levity, innocence and enthusiasm.

He expresses energy, desire of living and he feels positive and negative emotions. He faces both big and small subjects of life and he carries with him continuous references to the world of cartoons. It is a journey into memory, in search of the recovery of the deep emotions, of sensations, colours, perfumes and moments that when they re-emerge, explode and involve all the senses. The past time returns in the form of energy and takes shape in a continuous comparison with yourself and Jonny Boy is the mirror in which to find yourself.

In this project Giovanni Motta takes inspiration from Giovanni Pascoli’s poetics and from his vision of poetry: “You are the Eternal Child, who sees everything with a sense of wonder everything ad if for the first time” (Giovanni Pascoli, Il Fanciulino).

His works are also influenced by Japanese culture and Western fantasy literature. The futuristic imagination of Go Nagai’s cartoons and Hayao Miyazaki’s films. They merge with classics such as The Little Prince, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, and Peter Pan. Creating an emotional universe that reflects on memory, populated by magic creatures and monsters.

He began exhibiting in 2000 with solo and group exhibitions in Italy and abroad. He has participated in awards for which he was a finalist, such as the Arte Laguna Prize (Venice, 2016), the Aletti Award (2009) and the Arte Prize (Cairo Editore, 2004). Furthermore, he has participated in numerous contemporary art fairs. Art Verona, St-Art Strasbourg, Art Helsinki and Roma Contemporary and with Zanini Arte at Art Parma Fair.

Giovanni Motta has joined the world of crypto art, he started creating digital artworks. If you want to see more, we created a section on our website.

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