Who can collect art? Is there a representative type or can we all be collectors and art passionate? To become an art collector you don’t need particular abilities but as Antonio Paolucci – art historian and director of the Vatican Museums – says, a collector has 3 important characteristics. The first one is curiosity, a collector is a person who is eager to know, he wants to see everything, he wants to know everything and he’s never satisfied. The second distinguishing feature is the perception of quality: a collector knows and recognises excellences of the sector he is interested in. Third is the taste, conceived as the ability to give things he loves and chooses, a character and to place them in a context that represents his aesthetic sense, his culture, and his personality. A collector is the person who not only finds beauty in art but also finds himself.


Collectors are made, not born. Basically, there are no limits, we can all be collectors in different ways. What is essential is the art passion. This impulse makes it impossible to give up from owning that unique piece. This form of possession is not aimed to earn a profit later on, but is the end in itself: the satisfaction of being the owner of the masterpiece. The collection is a kind of identity card that outlines the collector’s tastes, his character profile and his cultural interests. The qualities that outline the profile of the collector are always the same, whether he is engaged in the construction of a huge or just a punctual collection.


If there should be a vademecum for collecting works of art, it will be summarised as follows: setting yourself an individual criterion for choosing works of art; identifying the places where you could dialogue with art; establishing the importance of your investment and at the end taking care of your collection over time. To get in tune with art, to know it and explore it in a deeper way, museums are the base, but galleries are fundamental too. For example, Zanini Arte art gallery offers the possibility to experience a private and exclusive guided tour tailored to the needs and tastes of the visitor, with the necessary time to get in touch with masterpieces. With more than one hundred years of experience, this gallery has expanded its offerings, creating a rich collection from antiques to contemporary art to facilitate art lovers to find the most suitable piece. Often there’s a mix of the two art movements in new collecting proposals. The experts’ task is to perceive the collector’s tastes and to guide him in the search of works that suit his personal style. They help the collector to establish an emotional contact with the masterpiece. Art advisors will always be the ones to direct towards the right investment, based on the collector’s needs.

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