What art and fashion have in common? In addition to the creative genius of the authors, they dictate the style. Art and fashion model beauty with shape and color. Fashion followed the evolution of the last art movements, most of all, in these years pop and street. The relationship between art and fashion is not a whim of the new millennium but it is an historical relationship. Starting from the famous photographers who immortalized the creations of the better stylists, to 20th century artists, who started creating artwork clothes, unique and revolutionary pieces. Stylists find inspiration in art more and more; they also create capsule collection with a direct collaboration with artists. A biunivocal support that allows art to expand its visibility range, but also it allows fashion to certificate a collection with the artistic sublimation.


Color on, iconic images, evocative writings, they are just some of the elements that fashion steals from neo pop and street art. Art movements are source of inspiration for fashion, generating an intrinsic admixture of these two worlds on the catwalk. An example is the famous brand Louis Vuitton who selected Virgil Abloh, founder of the fashion brand Off-White and a real artist, as artistic director for man collections.

Virgil Abloh, behind the scenes of Off -White

In the luxury world, the trend streetwear arrived few years ago and, season after season, it proposes increasingly bright colors, enhanced writings, contrasts. These elements make fashionable an imagine of fashion which was previously reduced to the free time.

Art comes to life, entering in everyday life. An artwork isn’t just a piece for an old-style museum but it becomes a trend, enriching T-shirts, shoes, bags… Celebrities become new muses, they make themselves spokesmen of messages, wearing customized outfits.

An example is the artist Jisbar, one of the most important figures in neo-pop/street art world: he is a member of Zanini Arte Gallery’s parterre. He collaborated with high fashion brands as Armani and JM WESTON, but also with the young brand “PARDON MY FRENCH” of DJ Snake, especially for the production of a customized jacket, which was worn by the Dj and Kylian Mbappé (famous football player).


During the time, there were many important collections proposed by famous stylists, who founded their inspiration in the art of their time. Among the most famous productions of artistic vocation, there’s Yves Saint-Laurent: in 1965 it created the Mondrian Look, which is characterized by geometric lines and colors used in Piet Mondrian’s artworks.

Not least was Gianni Versace, an important art collector, who makes art its inspiration. Pop art became a reference for the fashion of the ‘60s, Versace rode the wave and in 1991 presented a fashion show out of the classical standards: clothes inspired by the pop icon, Andy Warhol.

Other than single collections of famous stylists, the most famous fashion houses have set up art foundations that collect visitors from all the world. Foundation Cartier and Foundation Louis Vuitton in Paris, Fondazione Prada e Fondazione Trussardi a Milano, they are just some of the famous hubs of contemporary art in the world. The founder of Max Mara Group has built his collection Maramotti, inside of the original house of fashion, he surrounded his employees by artworks, to be always inspired.

ART and FASHION, an unbreakable bond.

Zanini Arte