Svccy – Dystopian Constructions 

            The first Italian artist in a solo show with NFTs at W1 Curates in London

Svccy is a phygital artist working into the web3 crypto space and into the web2 art world. He creates unique images and animations merging classic elements with surreal environments.

Inspired by the Vaporwave movement he turns his style in a contemporary investigation of the current society. As experimental music composer he completes his NFTs with an audio-vision combination leaving nothing to chance.

The exhibition at W1 Curates, in Oxford Street, will start on 23rd January until 13th February 2023.

His 3D pictures will be exhibited inside an immersive room with only screens on 36 LED panels installed on the facade of three palace floors. His works will create a unique vision for a total length of 63 meters.

World-renowned artists like David LaChapelle, Jeff Koons and Michael Craig exposed their works inside this wonderful location.

“Investigating the diversity of contemporary society’s spectrum his research drives to two artistic paths: “statue houses” and “dystopian environments”.

The first brings the imagination into new spaces of human living. Glorious deisgn from the past and futuristic visions come together to creare sinuous architectures where the dreamlike environment enhances the structures.

In the second, the contemporary human being of today society is replaced by statues, faceless or covered by common objects symbolizing the total lack of identity subjugated by technology and ultra-consumerism. 

Houses can glimpse the light of positive vibrations in their radiant appearance, while human statues are still dawdling in their darkest introspective.

Houses or Identities, they are both dystopian constructions hidden under the floating unstoppable rhythm of contemporary society that only a futuristic imagination can free to dreamlike environments.”
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Sandie Zanini

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