OVER THE LINES: ANDREA CRESPI’S solo show + NFT monograph

Galleria Zanini Arte is pleased to present “Over The Lines“, Andrea Crespi solo show, opening on May 20th at 6 pm CET in the presence of the artist Andrea Crespi, the curator Sandie Zanini, and Andrea Concas, Editor of The NFT Magazine.

On the occasion of the exhibition, the first NFT artist’s book “Andrea Crespi – CryptoArt Monograph”, published by The NFT Magazine, will be presented as an absolute preview.


In Crespi’s art, infinite lines chase each other without ever coming together, touching and moving away as in a sensual dance, which sinuously and mockingly plays with the viewer, through optical illusion. The aesthetic of the work attracts the eye and at the same time destabilizes it, leaving the viewer with the doubt of having really understood its entire essence.

“Over the Lines” is an invitation to go beyond the first destabilizing optical effect. It encourages the public to pay attention, the only way to merge into the image and feel it. A reflection and a reminder of a contemporary gaze now extremely hasty.

The title of the exhibition represents an unconventional philosophy of life for Andrea Crespi: pushing the boundaries, discovering new fields through artistic innovation and focusing on uncomfortable themes.

For the artist, the experimentation is a way to get to know each other better and through the understanding of the self, to shake the artistic force it contains, giving vent to one’s creativity. A process of liberation.


During the opening of the exhibition “Over The Lines” the publication “Andrea Crespi – CryptoArt Monograph”, the first NFT artist’s book published by The NFT Magazine, and curated by Sandie Zanini will be presented.

Andrea Crespi has interpreted the concept of an artist’s book by intervening with one of his works unpublished not only on the cover of the monograph, but in all its pages. Through a grid of lines – a primordial gesture of artistic creation – it traces the path to the discovery of his art in the world of NFTs to reveal the one who lies beneath those living lines: Mona Lisa, THE timeless icon.

But this edition of CryptoArt Monograph takes on a new value: it becomes for the first time a phygital artist’s book, by its nature born as NFT also finds space in reality with the physical printed publication.

The NFT Magazine has thus once again changed the rules of Publishing and Web3.

Together with the artist Andrea Crespi and the curator Sandie Zanini, Andrea Concas, editor of  The NFT Magazine, will take part in the event.



Duration: May 20th – September 24th 2023

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