Look at the stars – Tribute to Stephen Hawking

Look at the stars – Tribute to Stephen Hawking

Mixed technique and spray on canvas, cm. 120 x 80


Alessio-B was born in Padua (Italy) in 1971. Its name hides the desire of anonymity typical of the illegal action marking out the street art.  

The passion for drawing is established in Alessio-B since his birth, but it was only during a trip to Paris that he really discovered the street art movement, the writers and the stencil of Blek le rat. Keith Haring is his first idol. Alessio-B is inspired also by Pop Art, he loves reproducing the myth of contemporary icons, rock and international stars. Graduated in architecture in Venice, thanks to travels all over the world, he returns with a luggage full of memories, images and inspirations that help him to outline his destiny as street artist.

The main subjects of his artworks are kids, symbolizing the message of innocence and love, such as in peace and love”, follow your art”, love”, releasing positive empathy. Another iconic subject reinterpreted by Alessio-B is the Monnalisa in suit with hands in her pockets, smiling ironically.

All his different techniques encourage the observer thanks to the continuous quotes taken from the contemporary world and the ability to transform the most “trivial” news article into a piece of art.

His motto: Art is not a crime”.


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