Look at the stars – Tribute to Stephen Hawking

Look at the stars – Tribute to Stephen Hawking

Mixed technique and spray on canvas, cm. 120 x 80


Alessio-B, born in Padua, Italy, in 1971, is a street artist whose very name reflects the clandestine nature often associated with this form of expression. Anonymity is a hallmark of the illegal actions that define street art, and Alessio-B fully embraces this concept. Despite a lifelong passion for drawing, it was a trip to Paris that ignited his connection with the street art movement. There, he encountered the works of influential figures like Blek le Rat and found inspiration in the iconic Keith Haring, who became his first idol. Graduate in architecture from Venice, Alessio-B’s globetrotting experiences equipped him with a treasure trove of memories, images, and inspirations that would shape his destiny as a street artist. His art is a vibrant fusion of influences, drawing from the ethos of street art, Pop Art, and a penchant for depicting contemporary icons, rock stars, and international personalities. The focal point of Alessio-B’s creations often revolves around children, symbolizing messages of innocence and love. His pieces, such as “peace and love,” “follow your art,” and “love,” radiate positive empathy, fostering a sense of optimism and connection with the viewer. Another recurring theme in his work is a reinterpretation of the iconic Mona Lisa. Donning modern attire with a hint of ironic humor, her hands casually tucked into her pockets. Alessio-B employs various techniques, seamlessly incorporating elements from the contemporary world. He possesses the unique ability to transform seemingly “trivial” news articles into compelling pieces of art. Throughout his artistic journey, he staunchly upholds the belief that “Art is not a crime,” a mantra that underscores the importance of artistic expression even in unconventional settings. Alessio-B’s work serves as a testament to the transformative power of street art, transcending boundaries and challenging conventional perceptions of creativity.


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