Jack of hearts “Di Maio”

Jack of hearts “Di Maio”

Mixed media on canvas, cm. 130 x 83


Giulia Maglionico was born in Florence in 1977. She graduated in literature at Parma University in 2003. Thanks to her diploma in graphic Advertising she had numerous expressive experiences and finally dedicated herself to painting in 2008. By 2012, she was chosen as artist for the 55DSL Line by Diesel Industry Group, in Breganze Vicenza, Italy. In 2013 she designed for the designer’s line E-MY by Guzzini S.P.A Group (Placemats ‘Circus’, Maison & Object Paris and MACEF Milan). In 2015 Mr. Vittorio Sgarbi selected one of Giulia Maglionico ’s artworks for the venue “Expo Contemporary Art” on the EXPO exhibition by Villa Bagatti Valsecchi, Varedo (MB). Her style is a mixture of different genres: graphic design, illustration and painting. Her art painting turns out to be a kind of maxi illustration which is always ironic, challenging and amusing. As the Italian critic and curator Francesca Baboni wrote: “Her two-dimensional style, created on a flat background like a cartoon frame, actually features a great deal of pictorial stratifications that the artist skilfully hides fron view, in an attempt to show an a-plat-technique layout with no excessive material and defined clear-cut lines. A very complex method cleverly performed by the artist’s paint brush through the extensive use of non-obvious, balanced tones.” She participated to several personal and collective exhibitions in Italy: Milan, Florence, Brescia, Bologna. Second place painting prize at the first National Contest Romagna Fiere for Art, 2013. Under-35-finalist prize exhibition “Mantegna cercasi”, Mantova, 2013.

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