Events Location


In December 2011 ZANINI ARTE has created a new event location inside its art gallery. This space of 80 square meters wants to be a cultural center itself. A place multifunctional space usable for art exhibitions, literary conference room, business presentations but also dinners and charity events etc. A cultural place where you can breathe the air of art and conviviality in an friendly and professional space.

The entire space was furnished with a table for speakers, chairs for guests, sound system with microphone, video system with video projector, computer, bathroom and a small kitchen.
The exhibition inside the space varies depending on customer requests who rent it. This space, as the whole ZANINI ART galleries, is entirely taken care by family Zanini, in construction, renovation and furnishings. Inside this cultural space ZANINI ARTE has planned a whole series of literary conferences entitled “Literary Cafe” in collaboration with several local cultural institutions, libraries and publishing houses.
The location can be rented for events of all kinds. The originality of this context, refinement, taste and creativity make the atmosphere unique and impressive for the guests. That’s why a location like this space may be ideal for business dinners, charity, weddings and corporate events. This is attested by the great success of the events that has already been made.